Rally Racer Dirt


 Do you love Ken Blocks videos? Play rally racer dirt and drive like him…

Rally Racer Dirt introduces best realistic and stunning controls for a rally game. Have fun with drifty and realistic tuned physics with detailed graphics, vehicles and racing tracks. 



* 14 Different rally cars,
* Tunable cars with adjustible suspension, anti roll bar, ride height and gearbox ratios.
* Upgradiable cars and drive properties.
* 5 Different tuned and enjoyable tracks,
* Tracks has multiple ground surfaces tarmac, gravel, grass effects grip, drifting and vehicle physics.
* Carefully tuned car physics and controls.
* 2 main game modes to play: Challenge mode and Survival mode.
Game has two modes, survival and challange. In survival mode, you should drift and drive as long as you can, and pass checkpoints. In challenge mode there are 30 different challanges that you have to pass.


Android Trailer :


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Drag the Ball Game


It is the most enjoyable puzzle ever! This game introduces a new game play you have never seen before in any game. You will be very surprised while playing this game.

There are two balls connected with magnetic force. Red ball is user controlled, and blue ball is following the red ball with the effect of magnetic force. Both of the balls should not collide to the walls and electrical barriers.

This game has two modes, level based mode and survival mode. Even if you have completed the levels, you can not give up the survival mode.

Drag the ball game will be available in  iTunes store in a very little while.